It’s a brand new world, yet the presentation to the horse is as old as time

The internet, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, HDTV and all else that has become so prevalent in our world of communication has changed the way many of us think, function, react, etc. It has changed the way we advertise, the way we conduct ourselves and mostly the way we view the world & the people around us.

But the fundamental horse never changes. He doesn’t care if you have the latest iphone 6 or an outdated flip phone that can’t accept text messages. He doesn’t care if you drive a 2016 Toyota Prius with the ability to turn your iphone off the second you get in the car or if you drive a 1960’s pickup with rusted out floorboards that belches black smoke.

What he does care about is the way you present yourself to him & how you make him feel. Do you trigger fear & self preservation? Do you trigger security & a sense of well being? Do you exude a negative or a positive energy?

This is an instinctive response in the horse, one he will always instinctively turn/return to. Choosing this over food, water, etc. and it all boils down to whether you can control the feet of the horse. Because this is Horse Psychology 101. In a natural environment, the herd is controlled by the herd leader(s). Most of the time this is a lead mare and is assisted by the herd stallion (yep the WOMAN is in charge 😉 ) The herd looks to her to provide safety, security, food, water, etc. There are infinite levels of hierarchy within the herd, but the leader is the one that controls all the others feet. Is able to move those feet when, where, at what speed, in whatever direction they so choose. In return the herd is provided all those things that are so absolutely necessary for their survival.

So the next time you interact with your horse, consider what you are presenting to him/her. Leave your phone in your car (house/barn/etc). Push the modern world aside and offer your horse the same thing he wants to offer you.


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